Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Elephant's Greek Heritage

It's a common misconception that the name Elephant & Castle is a corruption of "Infanta de Castilla". This isn't true: it actually stems from the words "Bellephron and castor oil". In Greek mythology, the hero Bellephron trained the winged horse Pegasus by walking it around the roundabout now taken up by the lumpen Faraday memorial.

Where the castor oil bit comes from is uncertain. Possibly one of them had an upset stomach at the time.


Blogger McReadie said...

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1:01 pm  
Blogger McReadie said...

I'd thought that "Elephant and Castle" roughly translated as "Hell on Earth."

Really, they should just knock everything down and start again. And find some way of dealing with the really high poverty level...

I regularly try and convince people that it has a higher percentage of homeless people per square metre than Sao Paulo - and am often successful.

1:06 pm  
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