Saturday, July 03, 2004

Open Post: Gorblimey Trousers

This isn't London is not merely intended to be the ultimate reference guide; the author also has frankly misguided ambitions about creating a community of those dedicated to unearthing untrue, misleading and plainly wrong trivia about this great city.

With this in mind, I present the first "Open Post". I'll run one of these when an item of Arcana Londiniumensis exhausts even my considerable scholarly powers.

Let's set off with this: can anyone tell me the origin of "Gorblimey Trousers", as mentioned in the stirring Cockney Ballad My Old Man's a Dustman? Old Moore once mentioned that they were imbued with mystical powers. Any thoughts? Comment below.


Blogger Fizzwhizz said...

Well, I asked my old man, who is a dustman, and he said the phrase "gorblimey trousers" is in fact a misspelling of an established clothing brand; the manufacturers prefer it to be written "G'BellHighMe(TM)" and it is a roomy, high-waisted, three-quarter-length pant that rather resembles the cargo-style trousers often worn nowadays by 40-something north London architects.
The G'BellHighMe(TM) trouser has long been favoured by East End refuse control executives because its hems are too high to brush in any scum that they might encounter on the pavement; the baggy, almost bell-like shape proffers no toe-holds for rats that might try to scamper up the inside and attack the wearer's manhood, an occupational hazard of waste collection; and the high waist keeps the kidneys warm, which is important when hanging off the back of a truck during a mid-Winter collection round.

3:24 pm  
Blogger Taxloss said...

This isn't Londoner CS writes:

"Gorblimey trousers - in fact, a corruption of Gore Limey trousers - were the uniform of inmates at the notorious Victorian prison at Limehouse Hole. Only the most vicious East End cut-throats were incarcerated there and they were given a pair of Limey trousers - their equivalent of the orange boiler suit - on arrival. Frequent fights meant the garments were often splattered with blood and, every time a prisoner escaped (generally about once a week), he kept his Gore Limey trousers as a badge of honour and a warning to others.

It is a little-known fact that Lonnie Donegan, king of skiffle and author of the song, was the grandson of the garrotte specialist Mad Sancho Donegan, who served three weeks of a 35-year sentence in Limehouse Hole before his escape. Who knows what family tragedy Lonnie was working through by dressing his innocent street cleansing technicians in the most infamous trousers in east London?"

7:50 pm  
Blogger Ossian said...

It's an example of double rhyming backslang, a rarely practiced jamtart, being derived from 'grimy' which in single rhyming slang, i.e. the Moll Flandered, is code for "heimy." When translated from backslang, this gives us me-high, which is rhyming slang for knee high. Mystery solved. Gorblimey trousers simply means knee-high trousers. Lonnie Donegan's father therefore went to work adorned in plus fours, probably with check socks and Dr Martens daisy roots.

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the first three comments were all written by the same person.

Great weblog.

Partridge's dictionary of slang says it can mean what used to be seen as loud colours or patterns, used to be aplied to a wide cap with a big peak and often a check pattern.
'The term received a boost in the late 1950s from a popular song sung by Lonnie Donnegan, noted skiffle-musician, "My old man's a dustman ... he wears gorblimey trousers..."'


10:23 am  
Blogger Fizzwhizz said...

Well, if CS and I are the same person, that will explain why our accounts department is so slack in paying the invoices I sign off for her.
(She says: "If Fizzwhizz and I are the same person, how come I've just spent half the morning showing her how to use her new PDA?")
As for Ossian, never heard of him/her but welcome Ossian to the wonderful world of Taxloss and his blogs. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you...unlike those of MM, who appears either to have completely missed the point of This Isn't London or to have come up with a really, really unimaginative definition of Gorblimey Trousers. Must Try Harder.

11:02 am  
Blogger Ossian said...

I regret rhyming "grimy" with "heimy" and I regret using the latter term altogether. It was stupid of me. I will donate conscience money to St Vincent De Paul. Note, I refrained from saying St Jude. I'm in enough trouble already. (Sorry.)

3:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace anyone?

2:50 pm  
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