Friday, July 23, 2004

An Eye for the Eye

Planning permission for the London Eye runs out next year. Remarkably, it's been suggested that this great tourist attraction and adornment to the London skyline might have to be taken down forever, or maybe re-erected elsewhere. So what are the other options?

* Wheel to be accelerated slowly until it dismantles itself

* Easyjet to take over sponsorship from BA; ticket prices will drop to £1 but the view will be of Luton

* Dismantled and re-erected horizontally on top of the Telecom tower to act as a giant merry-go-round

* Dismantled; pods converted into pedaloes and set afloat in Thames

* Dismantled and put into storage for 994 years so that it can be re-erected on the same spot and fail to turn on December 31st 2999

* The wheel will be unhooked from its spindle and, thus freed, will roll around the country solving mysteries and avenging wrongs

* How about this: Despite its popularity, dismantled in an act of bureaucratic vandalism, put into storage, much of it melted down and turned into ashtrays, then re-erected on the same spot 55 years later after a popular campaign? Yeah, right, that'll never happen.


Blogger Unluckyman said...

It'd make for a ginormous fan for the city when it gets oh-so-muggy.

12:15 am  
Blogger Smacked Face said...

The one time I went on the London Eye a small child was violently ill five seconds after 'takeoff'. There was no escape. For 35 minutes.

And an American tourist asked 'Is that the Dome?' every five minutes on the dot - while pointing at St Paul's.

4:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Universal studios could buy it, mount it on a steady orbit around the Earth, with thier own logo, and a steady beep-beep sound. At least until that bi-plane gets up and running again.

Would that not work?

3:41 pm  
Blogger martin said...

I think the most likely option is that it will be taken over by a fun fair.

The attendants will be required to clamber from cabin to cabin to collect money while the wheel spins round accompanied by over-amplified house music and a DJ shouting "scream if you wanna go faster".

11:57 am  
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