Thursday, September 09, 2004

Transport Update

The indomitable Kolley Kibber has provided this roundup of what's happening over- and underground ...

London Underground will now run a buffet service on all circle line and central line trains. Morning rush hour trains now include a buffet carriage, which will serve breakfast until nine thirty. The buffet carriages will also be used on the late night weekend trains serving Kebabs.

The replacement for the custom designed London Bus, The Routemaster, has been greeted with a mixed reception. The ‘Bendy bus’ has proved unpopular with many commuters. Plans to build a new London bus are being considered by transport officials. One of the major contenders is the triple-decker bus, which will include an onboard lift. Also in the running is the open-sided bus. The sides of the bus are replaced with a number of poles allowing passengers to board and alight the vehicle at any point. Proving the most popular idea though is to marry the triple-decker and the open sided bus, using a combination of ladders and slides to access the higher levels.


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